December 14, 2001

The rain continues nearly unabated here in Bothell, but I did manage a short session between downpours to test my new EQ-6 mount. It is also the first time that I managed to use video integration on the C8 with the bright M42, the results aren't very exciting, I was hoping to do the same with the quickcam, but the clouds rolled in.

M42, video integration, stack of 10 exposures each comprised of 300 integrated frames. C8 at f/5, Panasonic CCTV (0.001 lux)
This is an exceptional image made by Dr. Wainwright of the QCUIAG who took this image with an ST80 and Mintron (0.00001 lux) camera.
Here is my image overlaying Dr. Wainwrights for an idea on what exactly you're seeing. You can't clearly make out the trapezium, but you can see where it is.
Here is another example of what you're seeing in my image this image taken by the Anglo-Australian telescope.
Today's raw, unprocessed images.