February 17, 2001

I've been anxious to use my new Vesta Pro on my ETX, unfortunately, the RA drive mechanism in my ETX is stripped. So, I've been playing with Video Integration instead. Armed with a 0.02 lux Panasonic BP330 security camera and COAA's AstroVideo software.

I don't have a telescope mount for the camera yet, so I simply put it on a tripod and pointed at Jupiter. The result is a nice star-tracks image with Jupiter, Saturn and a very hazy Pleiades. The USB/Video adapter I am using only supports 320x240 resolution so there isn't much detail or faint stars visible. I can't wait to get this on a motorized mount to take some nice long exposures of more interesting targets.

Saturn, Jupiter and the Pleiades. 27,000 frames, summed.
Key for above.

Today's raw, unprocessed images.


Liem Bahneman liem@starfleet.com