December 3, 1998

Its another clear, cold night. The air has been calmer than many recent nights, so it was a good opportunity to test out jpgodard's Astro QuickCam software.

This is some great software. It allows you to do real-time dark-frame subtraction, as well as real-time image compositing. (And, if you have an LX200 I believe it can do autoguiding). It almost makes your quickcam work like an uncooled SBIG ST-5.

The following images aren't any more exciting than the images I took in the weeks before, but it was a fun experience playing with this software. If you're using the stock Connectix driver, update now!

Saturn, 3 frame composite by Astro Quickcam
Saturn, 5 frame composite by Astro Quickcam
Jupiter, 3 frame composite by Astro Quickcam

Today's raw/unprocessed images.


Liem Bahneman