July 27, 1999

Tonight was a partial lunar eclipse, so I made an animation. Also, I've finally snapped some rough pictures of Jupiter finally. Jupiter (and Saturn) is appearing early in the morning now. This is the first time that I have imaged it with the barlow/quickcam combination, and the results, though blurry, are extremely promising. It was 4am so I was all out of patience for getting quality images.

Partial lunar eclipse animation (1.45megs)
I only had a 30 minute viewing window, but you can see the movement of the penumbra. Each frame was taken 60 seconds apart. I used Gimp to pan and scan them into alignment.
Jupiter, processed
8 images stacked, unsharp masked
Jupiter, processed
unsharp masked
Jupiter, processed
2 images stacked, unsharp masked

Today's raw, unprocessed images.


Liem Bahneman liem@starfleet.com