Quickcam at the prime-focus of a Meade ETX Astro

These are images of a dollar bill 25 feet away. The results of the eyepieces versus the prime-focus are quite stunning.

Unmodified Quickcam attached to 26mm Super Plossl:

Unmodified Quickcam attached to 26mm Super Plossl, that is mounted in a 2x barlow:

Now, this is a Quickcam with its lense removed (CCD exposed), at the prime focus of the ETX. Notice the vast difference in field of view! This essentially turns the ETX into a 1250mm telephoto lense:

Unfortunately, minutes after I snapped these two images, my quickcam died. Two of the wires from the cable to the circuit board severed and with my horrible soldering skills, could not be fixed. I'm now on the quest for a replacement quickcam (probably a Color v2.0 or a VC, not sure).

Liem Bahneman liemstarfleet.com